Sunday, February 13

President's Day Printable Center

So, here’s a little President’s Day syllable sort that I’ll be using next week to celebrate the big wigs of our country.  Some of the 4 syllable words are kind of tough for Firsties, so I’ll only be giving those to my most advanced kiddos. Isn’t differentiation the best?

Hope it helps ya! I’ll post more President’s Day stuff later this week!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! 
Mrs. Thiessen

  Presidents Day Syllable Sort
(Click on any picture preview to download the entire file)

Presidents Day Syllable Sort
Recording Sheet
(click the picture preview to download the entire file)


Paige said...

Thank you, again, for your great resource! The kids will love it!

salley said...

Thanks! This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

First Grade Best said...

I love the graphics! Thank you for the resource!
(I hope to post a few things for president's day this week as well.
Hope you'll find something you can use!)

Ms.M said...

This years "tattor tots" love gingerbread men so they will adore this. Thanks.

Ms. M

Emily said...

Thank you - this is so cute and my kids will love it!!

Ladybug said...

Such cute activities! Thanks for sharing! :)