Saturday, February 5

Asking or Telling Sentence Sort (With a Side of Fire Safety)

 So, one of my goals this year is to try to review fire safety every season so it stays fresh in my kiddos' minds long after Fire Safety week has passed in the Fall. And because we're always short on time in the classroom, I decided to encorporate my winter fire safety review into a little center activity. Hence, this Asking or Telling Sentence Fire Safety Sort.

Here’s the low down.: Just treat this old buddy like a  normal Asking/Telling Sentence Sort, but it will also review fire safety.  Each asking Sentence is a fire safety question. Each of the Telling Sentences answers one of the fire safety questions from the Asking Sentences. So, after the kiddos sort the sentences into Asking and Telling groups, they can figure out which telling sentence answers each asking sentence. 

Hope you enjoy it!

 Asking or Telling:
A Fire Safety Sentence Sort
 (Click on any of the picture sneak pics to download the entire file)

Here's a little Fire Safety review worksheet you can also use that uses the Asking and Telling sentences to review the information presented in the sort. 

Asking or Telling:
A Fire Safety Sort Review Worksheet

Here’s to hoping that none of our kiddos ever have to practice what they learn about fire safety! But, hoping they learn it anyway :)

Enjoy your FABULOUS weekend!!!!!!
Mrs. Thiessen 


Amy B, said...

I love this activity but am having difficulty downloading it form google docs. I was wandering if you could email it to me directly. Thanks.

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