Tuesday, January 25

Nutrition Book

This week in First Grade were studying nutrition. When I set out to build this unit I scoured the internet for ideas, and holy schmooley!!!!! There are a TON of fantastic resources for teaching nutrition on the WWW!
Unfortunately, my little nutrition unit is seriously smothered by time, so I had to compile a little bit of all of the resources I found into a small (okay, 18 page) book instead of using any online units. Hope it will help you!
And now for my own investigation of the little science called nutrition, I am going to explore the yummy looking cupcake on my desk...!!!
Happy eating!
Mrs. Thiessen

Sunday, January 23

Welcome & Fluency Games

Welcome to The First Grade Sweet Life!  I am SO excited to be joining the First Grade blogging community! I have LOTS to learn, but what better way to learn than to jump right in? At least that's what I tell my Firsties :)

I am constantly on the prowl for new ideas to use with my students, so if you see something I'm working on and you have ideas, please share!!!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you! 

To get started, I thought I'd share a couple of fluency games.  (The games correlate to the sound spelling relationships taught in Open Court Unit 5, but if you don't use Open Court, you can still use the games to help your kiddos practice certain sound spelling patterns!) For you non-Open Court people, I've stated which sound spelling patterns are in each game for ya :)

(/j/ spelled 'ge' and 'gi_', long 'e' spelled 'e', 'e_e', 'ee', and 'ea')

                               Happy Sunday!

Mrs. Thiessen