Wednesday, February 2

The Alligator Encoding Boogie

So in First Grade we don’t actually teach spelling.  Nevertheless, I have found that encoding practice greatly benefits my kiddo’s phonemic segmentation skills while reinforcing their sound spelling relationship knowledge. Enter, the Alligator Encoding Boogie!!!!   I’ll be using this at Centers whenever my little'uns need some good old fashioned segmenting and encoding practice. Hope you can use it, too!

 The alligator encoding boogie
(click any of the sneak peek pics to download the entire document)


Happy Wednesday!
Mrs. Thiessen


Katie King said...

I just happened upon your blog and I think your stuff is fantastic! Where do you get your clip art? I am ready to start making my own fun games like yours, but I need some better graphics! Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra Thiessen said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks! Glad you like the stuff! I was a little worried about posting it since I'm new to blog land. It's so nice to get your positive feedback :) :)

Alright, on to business... I get my clip art at Scrappin' Doodles. The CUTEST little clip art place on the web. The best thing is they're super cheap. Lots of great stuff for only a BUCK. Could hardly believe it!

Here's their link:

Hope this helps ya!
Alexandra :)

ashley said...

This is so stinkin' cute! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. G said...

I really am enjoying your blog. I'm trying something different this year (I actually started last March). I'm trying to use my 1st grade class website for the children to be able to use interactively and the blog for them to communicate. . . different from my old Kindergarten blog. Anyway, I really like your posts and got some really good ideas from them. I also enjoy visiting your favorite blogs as well. Thanks for posting!