Saturday, March 12

Reading Riddle Game

Alright Y'all, so I gotta tell you, my stomach is in some SERIOUS knots.  ELL endorsement test in T minus 3 hours.


I sooooooo  cannot wait to have it over with. A chocolate milkshake will definitely be in order to celebrate. And then.... it's Spring Break time!!!!!!!!!!!! Heading with Mr. Handsome to the family farm, and then we're off to good ol' Minnesota.  (Going someplace even colder than Kansas for Spring Break??????  AHHHH!!!!! So unjust......)

But, we are going to have a FABULOUS time.  After all, who doesn't love Minnesota? Problem is,  we have to figure out what all there is to do up there. Suggestions?!?  I'd love to hear them!!!! We're going to be in Rochester, but a weekend trip to Minneapolis will probably be in order. I would LOVE to hear about your favorite places to shop at the Mall of America. The tax free clothes are calling me.... <smile>

But, I digress. Want a  Reading Riddle Game.  Here it is. And, y'all  I had SOOOO much fun making this!!!!!!!  Just grab some game pieces (My kiddos use little toy cars), a dice, print the gameboard,   print the playing cards, and you're in business!! Kids just roll the dice, move their little car, and have a friend draw a playing card to read them a riddle. The riddle is a question and the answer has a short or long vowel sound in it.  If they get the answer to the riddle correct, they can keep their car where it is. If not their car has to go back to where it came from.  <so sad>

Super simple, the kids love it, and it gets all my kiddos involved in some higher order thinking.  

Hope it helps you and your Firsties!!!!!

honk, honk: a riddle game
 (Click on any picture preview to download the file)

honk, honk: the game board  
 (Click on any picture preview to download the file)

Have a SUPER weekend, Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!!!!!


Sass Class said...

I love your game. From your post, I gather that you live in KS. That is my home state!!! I am now an AZ Jayhawk!!! Hoping to come back for a visit in June. Most of my family still lives there, including my son!!

Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly said...

Love the game! Thanks for sharing it.

Mrs.M said...

Fellow KS teacher here as well. We have spring break the week after next, enjoy your time off!!

Give me a follow if you'd like, just getting my blog started!

Mrs. Mc said...

Great game! Thanks for sharing!
Sending good luck vibes your way!!

~Mrs. Mc

D and K said...

Try going to the Shout House. It is downtown Minneapolis and has dueling pianos! Such a great time:) Hopefully it will warm up a little bit before you get to Minnesota! Thanks for all your great ideas and inspiration!

Katie King said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I LOVE your ideas!

Kayela said...

your things are just the cutest!

Mrs. Adams said...

How do you post images using Google Docs? I uploaded a couple of files but could only post them using a link. I would love to post a thumbnail view.

Love your ideas! Keep up the good work :)

Mrs. Wheeler said...

LOVE this game! The novelty of using cards for game pieces will be amazing to the kids!


Ms. Morgart said...

I adore this idea!! The kiddos will love it....and I love your new
blog design too!! So cute!!

Curls and a Smile

Gladys said...

I love your game...very cute! Oh, and I'm sending lots of good luck vibes your way!

Once Upon a Time in First Grade

Ms.M said...

Thanks for the game & I am SURE that you will do well on your ELL endorsement exam.

Ms. M

Ms.M said...

FYI, I added your button to my blog. Just scroll down tot he bottom to check it out.

Ms. M

Amanda said...

Absolutely LOVE the game! Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to use it with my kiddos! :) Hope you have a fabulous Spring Break! I'm at a year round school--I have a while to wait!

Anonymous said...

I love your game!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

I love this reading riddle game. Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I played it last night with a little boy I tutor and it was a huge hit. Thanks for sharing! Suz

mfang said...

Thank you for sharing this game!! My students just love it. One little guy said, "Now this game is a LOT of Fun!"

Stephanie said...

ooodles of cuteness! love the game and your blog!
Thanks for sharing!

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