Tuesday, March 8

Quick Spring Projects!

Hey there, Y'all!

So, let me tell you, it has been MAJOR crunch time in my classroom this week  to get my room decorated for Spring!!!  Aside from wanting to get rid of all of the snowmen and penguins for my own personal sanity, I HAD to get some Spring up on the walls because I have to be gone the week after Spring Break.


But, get this. That's not even the worst part!!!! The worst part is, as soon as I come back, we have conferences.  And, let's face it, having conferences surrounded by snowmen IN APRIL is just a little bit ridiculous.

Enter all projects fast, thrifty, and Springy. Here's what we've been up to this week:

Flower Fact Families


So, for this little project the kids cut-out pre-made templates that I had photocopied on construction paper. Then, they slapped together a flower. DARLING. Educational touch???? The kiddos wrote fact families on their flowers. 20 minutes, the kids LOVED it, and they got in some fact family review. So worth the time!  

Bumblebee, Bumblebee
A Poem By Me

Click the pic to download the bumblebee pattern.

So, I have to tell you that this is has been my favorite Spring project BY FAR! 

Lately we have been talking a lot about "juicy" words.

Enter Bumblebee List Poem. 

To begin, I had the kiddos close their eyes and visualize a bee flying around outside. Then, they opened their eyes and we brainstormed juicy words that described what the bee was up to: buzzing, swooping, soaring, stinging, pollinating, etc. All things bees.  After brain-storming, the kiddos went back to their desks, put this precious bumble bee together, and wrote their very own list poems. Simple, cute, and they LOVED IT!

Rain, Rain, Go Away:
A Long 'A' Sort

So, this little buddy was morning work.  Super easy to put together and it didn't take the kiddos more than 20 minutes to do themselves.  The low-down?  Each kiddo gets a page of raindrops. I gave my low kiddos raindrops that already had words printed on them.  Then, they had to read the word on each raindrop and decide if it had the long A sound or if it didn't. If it did, they cut out the raindrop and glued it to their umbrella page.  As for my higher kiddos?  They got a page of blank raindrops and had to write their own long 'A' words. And did I mention that theirs turned out waaaaaay cuter than mine? A yellow umbrella with orange polka dots?  What was I thinking?!?!?!

So....I have to know. What are you doing to cover your walls with Spring this year??????

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday!!!!!


Ms. Durning said...

Very cute :)


Ms.M said...

I love it. I will cover my walls with rainbows, that I will post about another day. Also your wonderful flowers & bumble bees I think they are DARLING & my 2nd graders will be working on poems soon. Too bad my 1st graders already did. I think Kinder kids wont do poems until 4th quarter. Thanks for the patterns.

Ms. M

Mrs.M said...

The fact family flowers are darling! Fab idea, I'll be using that! I'm dying for spring...


SDNana said...

Love the new look of your blog! I must confess I still have some snowflakes in my window. I guess now I can replace them with those cute fact family flowers! It is still snowing here in South Dakota but I am thinking "go away snow" thoughts and hello spring! SDNana

Pirate Princess said...

These are great projects. I can't wait for Spring to get here. Thank you for sharing.


Malarie said...

Love the fact family flowers. We did this yesterday thanks for the idea!


Busy Bee said...

Your ideas are awesome, I was looking for some spring ideas and yours are great!! Would it be possible for you to email me your umbrella pattern?


Salina said...

I did the fact family flowers on Thursday and the kids LOVED them! Our room is so cheery and ready for spring (and conferences!).

Thank you for sharing!



Hadar said...

I was inspired by your fact family flowers! Check out my blog post :)

Outfitted and Inspired

Ashley said...

Ooooh I am so excited about the flower fact families! I was looking for a cute flowery/spring craft for my kids to complete this week! Thank you! :)

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Dawn said...

Cute ideas.